Applications and Forms



Pool Employment Applications
H. D. Buehler Memorial Pool Employment Application. Pool employment applications are also available at the Municipal Building and require child abuse certification, PA State Police Criminal History, Federal Criminal History, and lifeguard and first aid certifications. To download these forms, please visit the following:

Pool Pass Applications

Moving Permits: Moving permits are FREE and must be completed at the Municipal Building. The permit allows you to post no-parking signs on your moving day(s).

Building Permit

Zoning Permits
Permits are typically required when a resident makes a substantial improvement to a property. Depending on the circumstance, the Borough may require a zoning, building, mechanical, plumbing, or an electrical permit. Always consult with the Borough's Code Enforcement Office before conducting a significant improvement. 

Note: Residents who reside in the Historic District must also submit plans to Historic Architecture and Review Committee. View a map of the Historic District now.


Code Enforcement