Boards and Commissions

Board of Health

Shirley Becker, Secretary
Earl Boettger
Rosemarie Noftz
Christine Zizelmann
Ken Fenstermacher, Health Enforcement Officer
Joanne Calabrese, DO
Michael S. Greek, Borough Solicitor

Civil Service Commission
Howard Miller, Chair
Janene Holter, Vice Chair
Kathy Kunkel, Secretary

Historic Architectural Review Commission
Dale Freudenberger, Chair
Mark Conville, AIA, RA
Daniel Schroeder
Tammy Swinburne, Secretary
Linda Yulanaage
Barry Isett & Association, Zoning Officer
Michael Greek, Borough Solicitor

Tamaqua Public Library Board
Borough Representative, Tom Cara

South Ward committee, Kathy Kunkel, Manager

Planning Commission
Tim Stahl, Vice Chair
Pam McCullion, Secreatry
Mark Conville
Andrew Kane
Dan Evans
Zoning Officer
Michael Greek, Borough Solicitor

Zoning Hearing Board
Richard Clemson, Chair
Frank Kane, Vice Chair
Chrstine Hartung
Alfred Hadesty
Karl Smulligan
Zoning Officer Ken Fenstermacher
Robert Frycklund, Solicitor

Owl Creek Reservoir Commission
Tom Banditelli, Sr, Chair
Shawn Fredickson, First Vice Chair
Reggie Heffelfinger, Second Vice Chair
Barb Melnick, Treasurer
Elaine Hackenberg, Secretary
Pam McCullion, Corresponding Secretary