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Truck Detour will be for all trucks over two axles. Normal truck turn-around will be via old 209
through Newkirk and Reevesdale. Last resort turn-around will be at the High School.

Hegarty Ave. will be one way west to east, from Nescopec Street to Berwick Street.

Rowe Street will remain one way east to west.

Nescopec Street will be two way from Broad Street to Hegarty Ave. Parking will be prohibited
on the east side of Nescopec St. Borough Employees will remove the parking meters.

Broad St. will be one way east from Nescopec Street to Hunter Street. Parking will be allowed
on both sides of Broad Street with all parking facing east.

Hunter Street will be one way south From Broad Street to Spruce Street. New traffic signals will
be installed at the intersection of Spruce Street and Hunter Street.

Parking on Berwick Street will remain with the exception of the first space on the west side of
Berwick at Broad Street for emergency vehicle travel.

Parking will be prohibited on the south side of Spruce Street from Oak Street to approximately
140 Spruce Street.

Spruce Street will be one way east from Sewer Plant Road to Center Street with two lanes. The
right lane will be thru traffic and right turn. The left lane will be for left turn only.